Perfect employee incentives and customer rewards for use in the construction industry

Date: August 1, 2018
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The construction industry has risen steadily year on year since 2011, and in 2017 was worth over £164 billion [1], more than double what it was worth 17 years ago, contributing to the UK economy on an unprecedented scale. Due to the growth in construction orders this has led to a need for an increase in the number of employees with over 2.7 million people now working in this industry in the UK alone [2], there is a special requirement for highly skilled labourers, which is forecasted to grow further.

Construction employees need to be incredibly focused and motivated due to the nature of the environment, but it can take its toll on workers and can cause substantial tension on them. A career in construction can be extremely labour intensive with often un-paralleled levels of stress [3]. The sector has an incredibly high rate of work-related illness and injury costing the industry millions every year in lost days [4]. This unwavering pressure requires companies to keep workers motivated and this can be achieved through a variety of ways such as flexible working hours to capitalise on when employees are at their most productive, not only aiding them, but benefitting the company in the long-term.

Another route to incentivising employees comes from recognising hard work and dedication especially when they are dealing with high pressure situations on a day to day basis. Ensuring that employees feel valued can encourage motivation and rewarding employees with a prepaid card can be a great way to reinforce this and bring out a natural competitiveness. Giving employees something to strive for with a tangible reward is key, however, ultimately, they want to feel appreciated and part of a team. Incentive cards can be used to reward employees exceeding their targets or for going above and beyond the call of duty. Perhaps an employee had to stay late one night and work unsociable hours to ensure a project met an important deadline? A prepaid incentive reward card is the perfect way to show gratitude and to really make the individual feel like part of a team.


Our prepaid reward card provides an end to end solution with almost unlimited choice for spend, as it can be used anywhere that supports MasterCard. The card is accepted both in-store and online and can be used in over 36 million outlets globally; everyone is unique and their hobbies and interests are no different, this card gives employees the flexibility on where they would like to spend their incentive card.

The employee incentive card can be branded exclusively for your company meaning it is truly bespoke, ensuring memorability each and every time the card is used. The card provides an instant reward to employees and is a powerful long-term strategy for the business in retaining those highly skilled workers. The construction industry personnel base is often a transient one, and it’s the little things that show reward and recognition that are greatly appreciated. Click here to find out more about our employee incentive schemes.


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