Customer Rewards and Purchasing a New Home

Date: August 6, 2018
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Now more than ever, it is increasingly challenging to get that first step on the property ladder. Deposits and fees are at an all-time high and are constantly on the rise with the average first time buyer reaching the age of 30 before they first purchase a house, and having to have saved up in excess of £20,000 [1]. To amass that amount in savings for a deposit will on average take just over 5 years, with the majority of people having to move in with family members to enable them to achieve this. Receiving help from family is on the agenda with almost 50% of first time buyers being helped by those close to them. Not only is there the cost of the deposit to factor in but there is the need to allow for the necessary additional fees such as stamp duty and surveys on top of the initial amount, adding up to an additional £2,000 plus.

Once all initial payments have been made, first time buyers find themselves in a brand new location and struggling to make ends meet each month. With this in mind a prepaid incentive gift card to welcome the new occupants to their new home is just what’s required to help make your company a memorable part of what is one of the most crucial life-changing days of their lives, and one they aren’t likely to forget in a hurry. Who can forget that feeling the first time you move into a new home. The excitement, the stress, the frantic unpacking of boxes to locate the kettle and teabags to make a cup of tea after a busy day of moving.



With our prepaid gift card solution, it can be the final brick in cementing the relationship between your company and your customers. Providing a complete solution with unrivalled choice for spend, the card is accepted in 36 million outlets globally, there’s something for everyone. The incentive gift card can be bespoke to your company with your branding, ensuring memorability and reinforcing brand advocacy. Every home owner is an individual and their home is no different. Why not cover the cost of a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the move or be that gift, allowing them to put their finishing touches to make their house their home?

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