Top Performer Sales Incentive

Client Background

Dunbourne is an engineering firm, specialising in the production of specialist parts for the construction industry. They have recently released a new organisation sector, focusing on semi-fabricated house builds to target the need for new housing.


Dunbourne wanted employee incentive ideas to motivate their sales team, who were somewhat wary of the new venture. The team were used to selling to organisations within the construction industry and would now have to deal with individuals interested in building their own homes, and smaller companies who were looking to create semi-fabricated homes in small communities, such as holiday cottages or social housing.

Dunbourne recognised that this change in focus would require sales staff to receive training and that, following on from the training, sales staff would need an element of self-motivation to identify and target potential new sales channels.

To aid motivation, the company wanted to offer a sales incentive to staff with the opportunity to receive tiered rewards based on sales achievements.


The company’s sales staff are:

  • Predominantly male
  • Aged ranging from 26 to 42
  • Work on the road, with minimal visits to head office


Agency Process

As well as talking with the Managing Director and Head of Sales to understand the requirement for a reward programme, some of the sales staff were accompanied when visiting potential customers.

This allowed the understanding of the staff outlook when undertaking the new project, and to investigate:

  • The frequency of client visits
  • The knowledge held by sales staff
  • The opinions of the sales staff regarding their own abilities
  • It was found that while training had been well received and product knowledge levels were in fact quite high, a lot of the sales staff felt that Dunbourne were yet to recognise the struggles associated with approaching a brand-new marketplace. Most sales staff knew their existing clients within the construction industry well and had to work extremely hard to create a new sales base.

For this reason, it was agreed that sales staff should be recognised for hot leads as well as closed sales for the first year, whilst they worked to create new relationships in a brand-new marketplace.

A fully branded prepaid incentive card was created, with accompanying communications that would reinforce Dunbournes appreciation of the sales team’s efforts.

Cards would be funded with differing values – £50, £100, £250 and £500 – for the top four sales staff each month, motivating employees to go above and beyond.


MI from the card transactional data gave the client a great insight into what makes their employee’s tick, whilst there was minimal resource required from the client as the whole process from card request to delivery was managed on their behalf.

In addition, the following results were seen:

  • Closed sales increased by 24% over the first 6 months.

With strong branding, the recipients were reminded each time they spent of how they earned their reward, which in turn increased sales as employees repeated good behaviours to earn further rewards

  • Hot leads trebled, with staff now understanding the long-term focus of the new market

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