Staff Incentive Card

Client Background

Pearson Finance Ltd was an insurance broker, offering home, car, travel, pet and other insurances to the public. The company originated in the UK and is now expanding into Europe.


Pearson Finance ran a staff incentive card scheme within the UK offices, incentivising all call centre staff to align to customer-centric service values while achieving conversion targets.

The prepaid card programme was driven by CRM conversion data and call statistics, combined with customer feedback forms sent to all customers who provided an email address when contacting the call centre. Staff earned points to spend from the incentive points catalogues.

Staff can choose from over 200 items, including:

  • Paper and digital vouchers
  • Experience days
  • Gifts
  • Electronics
  • Charity donations

Pearson Finance had been rapidly expanding across Europe, namely; France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland. It now wanted to expand its incentive programme into all call centres, as it believes that maintaining the company’s customer-centric service values is key to preserving its USP.


  • 60% female, 40% male
  • 85% under 30
  • 73% under 25
  • Majority were school leavers without degrees



The business language within Pearson Finance is English and the CRM systems and feedback forms used the same systems across the whole business, allowing the incentive platform to remain the same for all call centre locations, however, the online reward catalogue is currently only linked to UK providers.

  • While expanding the catalogue is possible, it is unlikely to be viable to provide all categories for all countries. Additionally, with fluctuating exchange rates, this would cause reconciliation issues for Pearson Finance.
  • Surveys sent to staff within new locations, as well as existing staff within the UK, found:UK staff dissatisfied with the lengthy wait between choosing a reward and receiving the reward to spend or use.
  • Millennial generation in search of instant gratification
  • Spending patterns within Spain and France were more likely to be used within the family rather than on personal reward
  • Staff within Italy and Switzerland were looking for rewards to be luxury items, that they wouldn’t normally buy themselves
  • Pearson Finance recognised the incentive scheme needed to be fair and equal for all while providing maximum choice whilst allowing for country and culture differences.
  • Company branded prepaid cards were chosen as the reward mechanism, allowing staff to spend their rewards online and in store at over 36 million outlets worldwide.

The programme was rolled out to an additional 2,350 staff across 11 office in the 6 countries and maintained in the UKs 3 offices with 1,800 staff.

In the first 6 months:

  • 83% of staff received a monetary reward
  • 76% of staff received over £100 or €100
  • 92% of those who received a reward spent a proportion of the reward within a month, 81% within a week
  • Staff satisfaction scores increased by 18%
  • Customer feedback scores increase by 11%

The client saw an increase in repeat performance as the card reinforced the reward each time it was used by the employee, encouraging them to continue the rewarded behaviour.

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