Holiday Reward Programme

Client Background

Sunshine Rentals offer families the ability to staycation in the UK, staying in premier cottages, bungalows and apartments. They currently hold over 450 properties, extending to all regions of England, Wales, Scotland and N.Ireland.


Sunshine recognised that holidays are becoming ever more expensive for families, even more so now that parents are penalised for taking children out of school for vacations.

They wanted to show their customers that they understand the struggles, appreciate their business, by giving something back towards their holiday. They wanted to reward or gift the customer to add to the memorable experiences that should make up a holiday but were wary of pigeonholing their customers.

What they didn’t want to do was devalue their properties by offering continual sales or discounts to the rental price


Most of the companies business come from families with:

  • 2 or more children
  • Children under 14
  • Mid-level incomes

However, they also receive business through:

  • Hen groups
  • Older customers travelling to visit family
  • Walking groups
  • Young couples


Agency Process

As all vacationers have a different idea of the perfect holiday, it was quickly decided that a gift would not be appropriate – choosing individual gifts for each party would not be feasible.

To offer all customers the ability to have a special moment on their holiday, a range of branded prepaid cards were produced, including:

  • Breakfast in bed card
  • Water sports card
  • Picnic card
  • Movie night card
  • Sightseeing card

Cards were sent to customers once they had paid the balance of their accommodation, with a letter to thank them for their business which suggested that they treat themselves once on holiday – and that, of course, they could spend the balance on something other than what the branding suggested if they wished!

The holiday reward cards were loaded with between £15 and £40 depending on the value of the rental property stay and could be spent anywhere that the card was accepted.

As a bonus, those who took a picture of their branded card along with what it had funded on holiday, and posted it to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #sunshinerentals would be entered into a monthly prize, where one winner would be chosen for the best idea and one winner chosen for the best presentation each month. The winners would receive another £100 card as a prize.


Within 6 months of the prepaid travel incentive launch, results included:

  • 18% increase in customer satisfaction scores
  • Over £180,000 loaded to prepaid cards
  • 14% increase in social media followers
  • Over 23,000 likes of #sunshinerentals promotional posts

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