Digital Incentive Card

Client Background

Shimma Shine – A car valet company

The organisations goal is to ensure all drivers feel well catered for when having their cars valeted, but especially ensuring women don’t feel intimidated and are made to feel safe at all times.


Shimma Shine recognise that by having a group of men only surround your vehicle, it may feel intimidating for women, especially if they have their children in the car at the same time.

By looking at a gap in the market, Shimma Shine have come up with a unique idea to provide a great valet package, ensuring they can tweak their service to their clients needs at the same time as providing a highly efficient and effective clean.


Shimma Shine is targeting women drivers in particular, but recognise their audience is extremely varied and wide reaching.

Agency Process

On launching their business model, Shimma Shine reached out to connections and local businesses to showcase their business model ‘Valet-Add’ which includes:

  • Women valeters only
  • Games for the children in the car
  • Tea/coffee/cold drinks whilst customers wait
  • Clean toilet facilities

Shimma Shine recognise the costs for providing these Valet-Add may impact the client so wanted to come up with ideas to help incentivise prospects to give it a go. They wanted the incentive to really represent their USP.

Alongside Universal Card, Shimma Shine undertook local research to understand their target market, which is a mix of single mums, young ladies, working mums, retired ladies, and business woman.

A suite of digital prepaid cards were created which could be branded to Shimma Shine’s brand guidelines, but comprising of a range of messages.

Digital prepaid card themes included:

  • Clean and lean: download your new workout app on us
  • Never too busy to shine: download a new ebook to read whilst you wait
  • Shine bright: order your new nail varnish on us


The digital prepaid cards were sent over the first three months of launch to entice customers whilst ensuring Shimma Shine could cope with the volume of cars needing cleaning.


Since launch Shimma Shine have received lots of compliments for their approach and have seen a great deal of women support them. A massive 92% of the clients targeted by Shimma Shine agreed the idea of the focused reward cards was a really nice idea to help them appreciate the company cared.

Feedback included:

  • “I’ve been waiting for something like this, not knowing I had really needed or wanted it, until now.”
  • “I actually don’t see getting my car cleaned as a chore anymore and actually take my children out just for the experience”
  • “Ah clean toilets – men just don’t get this! Never underestimate how importance of a clean tidy loo for a woman. Thanks Shimma Shine!!”
  • “You have clearly understood who I am, by offering a free e-book for me to have quality reading time with my children is a lovely idea. I will come back to see you every time my car needs cleaning”


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