Digital Gifting Card

Client Background

Cordica Events – A corporate event specialist

The company assists corporate organisations in shaping, creating and hosting events, from incentive travel to corporate hospitality, conferences to product launches.

They work with smaller SMEs up to large multi-nationals.


Cordica recognise that their clients’ audiences may see certain events as a ‘pain point’ – whether this be because the event is a necessity (such as compulsory conferences) or one that takes them away from their family during personal time.

In addition to this, a large number of participants attend many events. Clients are concerned that their events may not stand out against the crowd, especially when ‘added extras’ are now seen as the norm by many attendees.

Cordica are looking for solutions to solve clients pain points, as well as those for the attendee, whilst allowing Cordica to stand out from the crowd themselves!


Cordica runs events for client’s employees and customers, in a number of industries including automotive, public sector, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications. Therefore, the end audience is extremely varied and wide reaching.

Agency Process

Events from the last two years were reviewed, along with attendee feedback, to identify common pain points against event type and audience type. Some pain points included:

  • Travel time
  • Eating in to valuable working hours
  • Tiredness after event
  • Guilt in leaving behind family members for ‘fun’ events


It was identified that a large amount of frustration could be removed simply by the client recognising their employee or customers concerns and showing their understanding.

A suite of digital prepaid cards were created, which could be simply branded to Cordica’s client guidelines or to match the event. Each prepaid card looked to address a different pain point, demonstrate the clients awareness and understanding of the issues attendees may face, and provide an ‘added extra’ unlike any other.

Digital prepaid card themes included:

  • It’s been a long day – order a takeaway on us!
  • We know you’ve been away the office. Don’t stress – download a wellbeing app and take 5 minutes to regroup.
  • You’ve worked hard – relax with an e-book on us!
  • We hope you’re looking forward to your trip. Whilst you’re away, treat your family to a pizza night on us!


The digital prepaid cards were sent before the events, helping to ensure that attendees turned up ready to enjoy the event already knowing that their concerns had been dealt with.


Since launching the suite of digital prepaid cards, 63% of Cordica’s clients have utilised them and have reported their delight in being able to offer solutions that solve attendee issues whilst also starting their events off on the right foot.

Attendee feedback has included:

  • ‘It’s lovely knowing that when I get home tonight I won’t have to cook. And the usual guilt of ordering a Chinese is reduced as I won’t even have to pay for it!’
  • ‘My wife didn’t hold back on letting me know she was jealous that I’m heading off to Italy with the rest of the team while she is staying in the UK with the kids. Being able to order some pizza and create a movie night for the family turned my absence from a nuisance in to a treat’
  • ‘It was so nice to hear that my boss understood that time out the office means getting a bit behind on work. I’ve always assumed they knew that, but it was refreshing to be reassured’
  • ‘I started planning what takeaway I would order as soon as I got the email… I’m still not sure which one I will go for!’


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