Customer Care Solution

Client Background

Blooming Gifts – A large mail-order florist

The company specialise in floral gifts that can fit through letter boxes. Everything from choosing stems that are yet to bloom and innovative packaging, as well as larger arrangements which can be hand delivered to home and business addresses. In addition, they offer small additional gifts and personalised greeting cards to provide a well-rounded gift solution.


Blooming Gift knows that due to delivery routes, delays occasionally caused by issues such as adverse weather, or handling by third parties, the quality of their products and delivery timings can sometimes be compromised by problems outside of their control. They believe, however, that great customer service comes from acknowledging the customers issues rather than passing them to other companies to deal with the matter. They thrive on repeat business and do not want to risk a small number of problems resulting in a damaged reputation.


A large proportion of Blooming Gifts customers are female. Whilst the majority of customers are aged 35-50, the main spread covers 25-65 year old’s, so any solution needs to appeal to a wide audience base.

Agency Process

Alongside Universal Card, Blooming Gifts undertook research including e-surveys and small focus groups of past customers, talking to both customers whose order was received without issue and those who encountered problems, to understand:

  • What the company had done to ensure those whose orders went smoothly were kept up to date on their recipient receiving their gift
  • What the company had done to ensure those whose orders did not go smoothly were kept up to date on the issue and the solution
  • What both groups of customers thought of possible gestures of goodwill in light of issues
  • How customers like to be contacted (e.g. email, mail, phone) when issues occur

As a result of the customer consultation, a new process for goodwill gestures was created:

  • Phone contact for issue updates, with emails sent to back up discussions or when customers were not reachable by phone
  • Once the issue was resolved, a templated yet personalised email was sent to let the customer know a gesture of goodwill was on the way to their home address. This was to ensure the customer felt acknowledged very quickly after the issue was raised.
  • A £10 ‘sorry’ prepaid gifting card was delivered to the customers home address. It was felt that a digital apology was less heartfelt as it was viewed by customers as an easy option, so Universal Card advised Blooming Gifts to send physical cards instead.
  • A follow up email sent a month after the issue was resolved, encouraging the customer to try Blooming Gifts again. This was designed to ensure the customer knew that the issue was not taken lightly, encourage them to spend their gift if they had not yet done so, and of course to increase the chance of repeat business for the company.


The ‘sorry’ prepaid gifting cards were well received, and feedback surveys sent to those who experienced order issues elicited responses including:

  • I am really happy that the missed delivery wasn’t only rectified, but I received compensation that felt like a treat rather than just money back on to my card… which would disappear in household expenses.
  • I know that [delivery organisation] are responsible for the issues we encountered, but you guys took on that conversation whilst making me feel like you really cared. I ended up buying my mum another treat with the prepaid card as she was the one without flowers on her birthday, but I loved the gesture.
  • I was so disappointed it all went wrong when I thought I had been so organised for once, but the way you dealt with the issue made me feel cared for and that the issue was a once off… not a dodgy company just out to take money and not provide! I wouldn’t hesitate ordering again or recommending Blooming Gifts.

The scheme has worked so well, additional themed prepaid cards have been created for:

  • Recommending a friend
  • Top customers (hitting 10 orders)
  • Thank you for your review!

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