Cashback Promotion Alternative

Client Background

Acoola a car manufacturer from Holland had just created a new urban range of vehicles for the UK.

With its unique use of materials, safety features & styling, Acoola believed their pricing and product was perfect for its target audience – the newly qualified driver.


Acoola wanted to achieve high sales at launch in order to encourage independents to stock their range. They had been given a window of opportunity to market their vehicles with a high profile brand if again they could prove initial sales volumes of 1000 units within 3 months of launch.

A number of other manufacturers were rumoured to be launching new ranges that month, creating a highly competitive landscape for Acoola.

Acoola wanted to entice the newly qualified drivers, as well as their parents/family members so, were looking for a simple reward proposition suited to all audiences, age groups and genres.


Acoola were generally targeting:

  • Young people aged between 17-25
  • Parents aged 35-45
  • Grandparents aged 55-70


Agency Process

Colour swatches of the car colours were posted to over 50,000 homes in the UK. Those logging onto Acoola’s website to register their favourite colour choice & current vehicle registration number would automatically be entered into a prize draw to win one of 5000 £1000 cash payments (the alternative cashback promotion was payable via a prepaid card). Also, every entrant was sent a dummy prepaid card pretending to be the winning card with an additional incentive that if they traded in their existing vehicle they would receive £500 cash back (payable on a prepaid card).

A dedicated website was created carrying the Acoola styling, branding and prepaid card design.


  • Total number of people registering for the cash competition surpassed all expectations at just under 22,000 entrants.
  • Trade-ins during the four week period post launch reached 255 vehicles
  • By offering prepaid cards as the reward, Acoola was able to track spend data allowing them to target their new customers with very specific Acoola accessories, but also to work with high street brands identified by the data to create new enticing offers over the next 12 month period
  • Finally, by branding the card Acoola, they were able to push their branding and awareness far wider than they had anticipated, placing their brand in the hands of thousands.

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