Beauty Loyalty Card


TribePride – A beauty subscription service provider, partners with UK-based, female-led beauty start-ups on putting together themed monthly boxes. The boxes can be purchased as one-offs, rolling subscription or 3/6-month subscriptions. All product samples placed into boxes were stocked on TribePride’s online shop as full-size products.


TribePride is just one in a growing market of beauty subscriptions. While it has it’s USP of supporting female-led start-ups, it is aware that a large proportion of its audience is more concerned with the products included in the boxes, than actually supporting female-led UK start-ups.

A number of TribePride’s competitors had started to offer welcome perks for those purchasing either rolling or set month subscriptions. These include:

  • Free full sized products, with the member choosing from a small selection
  • Complimenting products, such as stationary, jewellery, purses etc.
  • Voucher for use in service providers online shop, redeemable against full-size products

TribePride was aware that they need to compete in this market but didn’t want to emulate one of these ideas. They wanted to offer a perk of membership that gave the member more choice but doesn’t require TribePride to hold items within their warehouse, as space is at a premium.


TribePride’s boxes are targeted at the following audience:

  • Female
  • Between 18-32
  • High disposable income
  • Interest in makeup & skin care
  • Interest in female-led startups

The audience is reached in a number of ways:

  • Social Media marketing
  • Adverts within magazines
  • Word of month
  • Transport adverts (bus stops, underground, inside taxis)


Agency Process

Surveys were sent to over 250 members, chosen to cover all age ranges and membership length. From these, the main findings were:

  • Members looking for products for two main reasons, reliable everyday makeup and skin care, for work and home Products to make them feel great during special occasions – nights out and dates
  • Samples were quite small. If products were liked, many members would purchase the full size on the high-street due to fulfilment being slow from TribePride
  • Most members would prefer not to receive what they perceive to be draw fillers as they’re unlikely to be used and just clutter up homes
  • Members wanted flexibility and beauty loyalty cards were identified as the perfect beauty gift with purchase solution, as they could be sent out fully branded and allowing maximum flexibility for the user. Additionally, they did not need to be held in storage by TribePride. These were to be sent after the first box is received by the member as a thank you for subscribing to TribePride’s beauty box.

The prepaid beauty cards were branded in two different ways to account for Xmas changes:

‘Let’s go shopping’ (general offer) – message in card carrier to say ‘We know you’ll love our beauty box… so much so that we don’t blame you if you want to rush right out and get one of these products as soon as possible – so here’s a treat on us! Buy one of your subscription products anywhere on the high street, now with a £15 gift’

‘Let’s go dancing’ (November/December offer) – message in card carrier to say ‘We all love looking and feeling our best… and thanks to the lovely products we will be sending your way we know you’re going to be the belle of the ball! Enjoy a round of drinks, on us!’


Since the launch of new-member prepaid cards 1 year ago:

  • New member subscriptions have risen by 9.6%
  • Membership cancellations for 6 months and over has decreased by 23.5% – much higher than even hoped for!

The decrease in membership cancellations has ensured the programme has an ROI of 261%

Member surveys have been sent again to those included in the original survey base. Comments included:

  • ‘I am glad to get a perk for staying a subscriber. Normally you’re forgotten about and it is all about having new customers. I used my card to buy myself and a friend dessert when we had a girly dinner, such a nice treat!’
  • ‘I still use TribePride’s online shop as they stock items I can’t find on the high street, so I used my prepaid debit card reward to buy standard toiletries like face wipes. These bits add up so it’s nice to look after myself for free for a while’

Satisfaction scores rose by 18% when compared to original surveys.

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