Universal Opinions – Bosch Free Fuel

Date: April 3, 2018
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During February to April 2017, Bosch offered up to £150 free fuel to customers purchasing selected Bosch Appliances via participating retailers.

From washing machines and tumble dryers, to hobs and ovens, customers can claim upwards of £50 dependant on the value of the appliance they have purchased – and can even claim multiple times if they have bought more than one Bosch appliance.

Participating retailers, including AO, Currys, John Lewis, Co-op, Argos, Shop Direct and Hughes Electrical, provided customers with physical claims forms, with an online alternative available through the Bosch website if preferred.

Whilst the MasterCard prepaid cards could be spent anywhere online and instore worldwide, barring at ATMs, the marketing targeted the card to be used against fuel purchases, using on the ‘Fill up on Bosch’ tagline – a play on the fact that the vast majority of their appliances are filled with food, clothes or crockery.

Universal opinions:

Prepaid cards are a nice way to reduce the burden of a ‘pain purchase’, whilst avoiding cashback promotions – now seen by many as boring, with the added disappointment that the returned funds disappear quickly in household bills.

Fuel seems to be the go-to alternative to cash for these promotions, however the options are endless if you simply put your mind to it. Don’t get boxed into providing what other companies have already rolled out!

Think about who your audience are, their demographics, and the product or service they have purchased to receive this gift or reward. Will free fuel really float their boat?

Look at who is the decision maker is in the process – your reward should entice them, to make their first purchase and to keep coming back to you!

Maybe consider;

  • Beauty cards for female audiences
  • Gaming cards for the younger generations
  • Meals out for families
  • Computing accessories to go with a new PC
  • Photo accessories for a new camera

Don’t miss the boat on using the card as another way to keep in touch with your customers too, for example you could create a loyalty mechanic – each purchase receives ‘cashback’ via a prepaid card, whilst the fifth purchase sees 10% extra loaded to your card, all supported by eShot marketing to cardholders with special offers and deals.

You are still rewarding your customers with a type of ‘cashback’, just making it so much more than that…