Your brand, in their hands

Your brand is your promise

Having built your promise, good delivery then reinforces your brand and so the loyalty process is induced. A memorable brand speaks with one voice across its advertising, social media and web presence right through to the promotions and rewards it provides. Universal Card cements your relationships with your audience using our alternative payment solution, offering maximum exposure to your brand, delivered efficiently whilst providing ultimate choice.

Your brand on a Universal Card
delivered right into your audience's hand

Effective Reward

We are Universal by name, and by nature.

Universal Card’s solution is the simplest prepaid card for use in the corporate environment. Universal Card is an alternative to cashback promotions which rewards customer and staff loyalty with a memorable reward proposition, suitable for all genres.

Universal Card saves you time. No need to spend hours thinking up the right promotional prize to suit your customer incentive or gift ideas to recognise your employees. Forget the need to source materials or merchandise to acknowledge the desired behaviours, and relinquish the need to ever hold stock and pay unnecessary postal charges.

One card, incorporating your brand, providing reward, in your audience’s hands in an instant *

*for digital solution; potentially longer if posting physical gift cards

One card, incorporating your brand, providing reward, in your audience's hands

The Devil is in the Detail

Usage Models

Beauty Loyalty Card Usage Models
Holiday Reward Programme
Employee Incentive Card

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